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Contents: September 1 2007,Volume 6,Issue 3  Other Issues:


Detection and Clinical Significance of Circulating Carcinoma Cells in Peripheral Blood of Oophoroma Patients
【Full text】Fubin Zhang1,Tao Xin2,Lihua Sui1
1 The affiliated tumor hospital,the second department of gynecology,Harbin medical university,Harbin 150040,China
2 The second hospital,the department of omcology,Harbin medical university,Harbin 150086,China

Morphological Features of the Initial Portion of Intralingual Lymphatic Vessels in the Sprague-Dawley Rat Tongue:An Enzyme-Histochemical and Electron Microscopic Observation

【Full text】Jinhua Zheng,Huiping Li,Qi Wang
Department of Human Anatomy,Harbin Medical University,Harbin 150081,China

Exteamedullary plasmacytoma in Head and Neck

【Full text】Shuihong Zhou,Yingying Xu,Shenqing Wang,Zhoujun Zheng,Lijun Wang,Ling Ling
Department of Otolaryngology,First Affiliated Hospital,Medical college of Zhejiang University,Hangzhou 310003,China

New Dvelopment in Moniclonal Antibody Targeting Therapy for Malignant Hematological Disease

【Full text】Yunbi Fu
Department of Hematology,the first Hospital Affiliated to Shantou University,Shantou 515041,China

Mycoplasmapenetrans Were Isolated from Blood and Tumor Tissue of Cancer Patients

【Full text】Liping Zhou,Xiushu Wen,Yeying Zhu,Jinwei Wang,Huangle Liu,Saifang Wang,Jing Wang
The forst Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical College,Zhejiang,Wenzhou 325000,China

Analysis of Effecting Survival Factors in Patients with Gastric Carcinoma

【Full text】Chuanding Yu,Shenhua Xu,Xinghao Ni,Xinming Zhou,Yutian Ling, Gu Zhang,Chihong Zhu,Xianglin Liu
Zhejiang Cancer Hospital,Hangzhou 310022,China


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