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Contents: June 1 2003, Volume 2, Issue 2   Other Issues:

SARS and the Effect of Chinese Herbs
【Full text】Nianming Gong M.D. Instructor Zhiyu Liu M.D.
Lymphology Laboratory,Shandong University School of Medicine,Jinan,P.R.of China,250012

Role of Eukaryotic Topoisomerase I in Transient Cat Gene Expression,in HSV-1 Replication,and in HSV-1 Oris-Dependent Plasmid DNA Relication:Implications in Oncology
【Full text】Yi Geng1.3,EA de Bruijin2,AT van Oosterom2,C Fraefel3.4, RM Zinkernagel3
1 Department of Gynecologic Oncology, Cancer Hospital,Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College, Beijing 100021,China
2 University Hospital Leuven,Belgium
3 University of Zurich,Zurich,Switzerland
4 Harvard Medical School,Boston,USA

Effect of Tumor Necrosis Factor-αand Interfereon-αon Spleen Lymphocyte Migration in Mouse Skin

【Full text】Jinhao Sun, Zhiyu Liu,Yushun Bi,Guibao Li,Bo Gao
Department of Anatomy,School of medicine,Shandong University,Jinan,250012,Pepole’s Republic of China

Experimental Study on Apoptosis OF Huan Prostate Cancer Cell Induced by Radionuclide 188Re
【Full text】Xiaoyi Duan1,Baomin Zou1,Jiangsheng Wang2,Fengli Chen1,Guoying Hu1
1Department of Nuclear Medicine ,First Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University,Xi’an 710061,China
2Department of tumor surger,First Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University,Xi’an 710061,China

Activity of Mn-Superoxide Dismutase in Erythrocyte of Patients with Ovarian Epithelioma

【Full text】Fang Wen,Xiaoning Wang,Yonghe Wei
Departement of Gynecology,The First Clinical College,China Medical University,Shenyang 110001,China

Clinicopathologic Significance of Cyclooxygenase-2 m RNA Expression in Human Breast Carcinoma
【Full text】Da Pang,Xiangqi Zhao,Nan MA,Yingwei Xue
Department of Abdominal Surgery,Third Hospital,Harerbin Medical University,Harerbin 150040,China

Clinical Values of Monitor of Individual Bile Acids in Serum to Primary Liver Cancer by Absolute Ethanol Injection Therapy
【Full text】Xinhua Ju1,Zhenlong Xia1, Yukui Zhang2
1 Department of Hepatobiliary Surhery,The Second Clinical College,China Medical University,Shenyang 110004,China
2 National Chromatographic R&A.Center,Dalin Institute of Chemical Physics,Chinses Academy of Science,Dalin116011,China

The Effects on Spatial Memory after Cervical Lymphatic Trunk Blockage in Rats

【Full text】Ziying Xing, Yue Liu,Huaijing Wang,Yuhui Liu
Laboratory of neurobiology,Department of human anatomy.Medical college of Shandong University,Jinan,China(250012)

Quantitative MR Imaging of Bone Marrow in Leukemia
【Full text】Jun Shen,Biling Liang
Department of Radiology,The Second Affilicated Hospital,Sun Yat-sen University,Guangzhou 510120,P.R.China

Inhibition of Androgen Responsive Element Decoy DNA on the Promoter of Peostate Specific Antigen in Prostate Cancer Cell PC-3-M
【Full text】Pengju Zhang1,Jianye Zhang1,Weiwen Chen1,Anli Jiang1,Lianying Zhang1,Charles YF.Young2
1 Institution of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,School of Medicine,Shandong University,Jinan 250012,China
2 Department of Urology Research,Mayo Clinia,USA

Expression of Cyclin D1 with Phosphorylation of MAPK and STAT_3 in Hodgkin’s Lympomas

【Full text】Hongying Luo1, Haicheng Wang1,Yuenan Li2,Hui Zheng3
1 Department of Pathology,Chenzhou Medical College,Chenzhou,Human,423000,China
2 Department of Pathology,Hainan Medicine School,Hainan,570000,China
3 Department of Pathology,Xiangya Medicine School,Central South University,Changsha,Human,410078,China

The Characteristics of Synovial Fluid from Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis-Ⅰ

【Full text】Dongqing Zhang1,Ningli Li1,Li Wang,Baihua Shen1,Qiwen Yu1,Jiying Zhang1,Hong Nie1,Guangjie Chen1,Anlun Ma1,Jun Bai1,Dingyi He2,Guozhang Feng2,Rong Xu2,LiQing Ni2
1 Shanghai Immunology Institute,Shanghai Second Medical University,Shanghai 200025
2 Shanghai Guanghua Hospital,Shanghai,200052

Assessment of K-ras Gene Mutation After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients with Statge ⅢA non-small Cell Lung Cancer
【Full text】Jian Li,Lichao Yu,Hui Qian,Ping Cheng,Jiannong Wu
Affiliated Hospital of Jiangsu University,Zhenjiang 212001,China

Observation In Situ of Lymphocyte and Macrophage-Mediated Tumor Cell Lysis in Nephroblastomas

【Full text】Tingliang Fu1,Chenglan Xie2,Lan Zhang1,Xinghua Wang1,Ronger Zhou3
1 Dept. of Pediatric Suegery and Radiology,Affilicated Hopspital of Binzhou Medical College,Binzhou 256603 China
2 Dept. of Gynecology and Obsterics,Yantai Harbor Hospital,Yantai 264000 China
3 Dept. of Pediatric Surgery,Tongji Hospital of Huanzhong University of Science and Technology,Wuhan 430030 China

Correlation of Expression of Multidrug Resistance Gene 1 and Multidrug Resistance-Associated Protein with Chemotherapy Efficacy in Malignant Lymphomas

【Full text】Xigui Yang,Ling Wei,Liya Jia
Shandong Cancer Hospital ,Jinan 250117,China

Genetic Instability in Urological Cancer
【Full text】Jiansong Wang,Jingyu Liu,Kewei Fang
Department of Urology,The Second Affilicated Hospital of Kunming Medical College,Kunming,Yunnan650101,China

The Method of Making the Lymphatic Vessel Casting Modle Sample
【Full text】Biao Shen,Hengxing Liu,Zhikun Guo
Department of annatomy,Xinxiang Medical College,Xinxiang 453003,Henan province,China


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