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Contents: Sep. 1 2003, Volume 2, Issue 3 Other Issues:


Defect of TCR-Mediated Signal Pathway of Thymocytes in Autoimmune Nonboese Diabetia Mouse Thymus
【Full text】Hongmei Li1.2,Renqian Zhong1,Libin Zhang1,Jiaping Yu1,Xiantao Kong1,Weifeng Chen2
1 Department of Laboratory,306Hospital of PLA Beijing 1000101
2 Department of Immunology,Peking University Health Science Center,Beijing 1000083,China

Relationship between Lymphatic Metastasis and Expression of C-met Proto-oncolgene and Microvessel Density in Lung Cancer

【Full text】Hong Jiang1,Huanming Wu2,Pengcheng Zhu2,Shaojiang Zheng3
1 Department of Pathology,Xiehe Hospital,Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Wuhan 430022,China
2 Department of Pathology, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, 430030
3 Department of Pathology,Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College,Haikou 570102,China

The Effects of iNOS on the Lymphatic Microcirculation in Endotoxemia

【Full text】Liping Zhang,Xiao Yao,Jianli Hu,Guiying Yu,Qi Wu
Department of Anatomy,Medical college of Shandong university,Jinan 250012,China

Study on the Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes of Mice Treated with Leukemia Vaccine

【Full text】Wanghong Zhao1,Wanggang Zhang1,Aili He,Yili Wang2,Yiping Geng2,Wei Tian1,Changsuo Song1
1 Department of Hematology,Second Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University,Xi’an 710004,China
2 Institute of Immunopathology,Medical College of Xi’an Jiaotong University,Xi’an 710068,China

Effect of Extract from Rhizoma Alismatis on Three Kinds of Tumor Cell Lines

【Full text】Zhengming Huang,Xinbo Yang,Wenbin Cao,Hongyan Chen
Department of Pharmacology,Beijing Medical College of Pla,Beijing 100071,China

The Clinical Detection and Significance of DNA Ploidy in Nucleus of Rectal Cancer Cell

【Full text】Mingliang Lu1,Linfu Lin2
1 Department of Anus Intestines,PLA117 Central Hospital,Hangzhou 310013,China
2 Deoartment of General Surgery,Changhai Hospital,Shanghai 200433,China

Outcomes of Head and Neck Cancer Surhery in PaTIENTS Over the Age of 80

【Full text】A.Teymoortash1,A.Sesterhenn1,H.Wuil2,J.A.Werner
1 Department of Otolaryngology,Head and Neck Surgery(Professor and Chairman:J.A.Werner,M.D.)
2 Department of Anesthesiology (Professor and Chairman:H.Wulf,m.d.)of the Philipps University of Marburg 335037,Germany

Reverse Resection in Lung Cancer Surgical Treatment

【Full text】Xinmin Hua,Guixin Duan,Yang Liu,Jiangyang Liu,Xianwei Ren,Zhijie Li,Chunjiang Zhang,Fenglin Liu,Li Xu,Rui Gao,Yuguang Liu
Thoracic department,Jilin Provencial cancer Hospital, Changchun,130012,China

Prognostic Factors of Patients with Clinical Stage IB-ⅡCervical Carcinoma

【Full text】Xi Cheng,Shumo Cai,Ziting Li,Rongyu Zang,Meiqin Tang,Muquan Xue
Department of Gynecological Oncology,Cencer Hospital,Fudan University,Shanghai,200032,China

The Expression of Fas,FasL and Its Significance in Heptocellular Carcinoma

【Full text】Junfeng Zhang,Lianzhu Jia,Baoyou Sun,Taihuang Wu
Shandong cancer hospital,Jinan 250017,China

Expression and Significance of nm23 m RNA ,CD44s and CD44v6 in Human Gastric Adenocarcinoma

【Full text】Yongjun Liu1,Peisong Yan2,Jingfen Jia1
1 Department of Biotechnology,Life Science School,North-west University,Xi’an 710069,China
2 Department of Pathology,Xijing Hospital,Fourth Military Medical University,Xi’an 710033,China

Comparison of Telomerase Activity in Ovary Carcinoma Tissues and Para-Carcinoma Tissues

【Full text】Zhijun Xia1,Yinghan Chen1,Shulan Zhang1
The Second Clinical College,China Medical University,Shenyang 110003,China

The Pilot Study of Using Traditional Chinese Herbal Ointment to Treat Chronic Vular Dystrophy
【Full text】Yanbing Xiao1,Qin Xu2
1Department of gynecology and obstetrics,
2Department of physiology,Zunyi medical college,Guizou Zunyi 563003,China

The Significance of p53 and P-Glycoprotein Over-Expression in Gastric Cancer and Breast Cancer
【Full text】Haitao Liao1,Liyi Liu2,Yinnong Zhao2
1 Nurse Training College of Guangxi Medical University,Nanning 530021
2 Cancer Hospital of Guangxi Medical University,Nanning 530021

Expression and Significance of erbB3 and erbB4 in Cervical Carcinoma
【Full text】Quanqing Zheng,Ping Lu,Ping Wang
Department of Epidemiology,Xi’an Jiaotong University,Xi’an,7100612


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