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Contents: Dec. 1 2003, Volume 2, Issue 4   Other Issues:


Human Nasopharyngeal Epithelial CYP2E1 cDNA Cloning and Sequencing
【Full text】Defu Hou,Zhimin He,Fang Yang,Jianhua Zhu,Zhuchu Chen
Cancer Research Institute,Xiangya School of Medicine,Central South University,Changsha 410078,China

Influence of E-cadherin Promoter Methylation and Mutation of β-catenin on Invasion and Metastasis of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cells
【Full text】Zhi Li,Suxia Lin,Huizhen Liang
Department of pathology,Sun Yat-sen Medical college,Sun Yat-sen University,Guangzhou 510089,China

Apoptosis of Human Nasopharyngeal Cacinoma CNE-2Z Cell Line Induced by Tubeimoside ⅠIsolated from Bolbostemma Paniculatum
【Full text】Rundi Ma1,Xiyang Wengq,Lijian Yu1,Weiming Su1,Haiyan Shao1,Mingneng Liao1,Dongmei He1,Laizhen Huang1,Tingxi Yu2
1 Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Marine Materia Medica,Zhanjiang Ocean University,Zhanjiang 524025,China
2 Department of Medicine and Pathology,Mayo clinia,Rochester,Mn 55905,USA

Associationn of Cellular Apoptosis with Telomerase Activity and mtP53 Expression in Ovarian Cancer

【Full text】Yanling Zhu,Surong Peng,Xu Wang,Jun Yu
1 Department of Obdtetrics and Gynecology,People’s Third Hospital of Xuzhou,Xuzhou Jiangsu,221005
2 Department of Gynecology Oncology,Jiangsu Tumor Hospital,Nanjing Jiangsu,210009
3 Institute of Oncology,Xuzhou Medical College,Xuzhou Jiangsu,221005
4 Clinical Laboratory,Jiangsu Tumor Hospital,Nanjing Jiangsu,210009,China

Expression of Adhesion Molecules on Lymphatic Endothelial Cells in Viteo

【Full text】Wencai Zhang,Yuzhen Tan,Haijie Wang
Department of Anatomy and Histology and Embryology,Shanghai Medical School of Fudan University, Shanghai 200032,P.R.China

The Effects of TNF-α and b FGF on proliferation of the Smooth Muscle cells of Lymphatics

【Full text】Dongguan Wang1,Zhiyu Liu1,Yushun Bi1,Feng Chang2,Zhixiu Xu2
1 Department of Anatomy,Shandong University School of Medicine,Jinan 250012
2 Department of pathology,Shengli oil field central hospital,Dongying 257034

Expression of P-gp,p21 Kipl and p53 Proteins in Giant Cell Tumor of Bone and Their Significances

【Full text】Guibao Ni,Mengjun Hu,Jianli Wei,Weier Zhao
The Hospital Attached to Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Hangzhou 310006,China

Preliminary Evaluation on the Modified Pelvic Vascular Bed Isolation Chemotherapy for the Treatment of Patients with Advanced Cervical Carcinoma

【Full text】Sen Jiang
Dept. Obstetric/Gynecological,Qilu Hospital of Shandong University,Jinan,250012,China

Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Limb Lymphedema

【Full text】Lili Zhou1,Huiling Chen2
1 The peripheral vascular disease department
2 The dermatology department of the teaching hospital of Shandong University of TCM,Jinan,250011

The Change of AgNORs Numbers in Arterial Chemotherapy Followed by Open Surgery to Treat the Transitional Cell Carcinoma of Bladder

【Full text】Zhongjie Qiao,Tongyun Yue,Changfu Li,Wanhai Xu,Pixian Zhao
The 3nd Affiliated Hospital,Haerbin Medical University,Haerbin Heilongjiang,150040,PR China

Clinicopathological value of Immunohistochemical Detection of Micrometastases in Pt3n0mo Gastric Cancer

【Full text】Ziwei Wang
Department of surgery,the first Affiliated Hospital,Chongqing University of Medical Sciences

DICE Regime as the Second for Refractory or Relapsed Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

【Full text】Ping Lu,Qiudong Liang
Department of Oncology,The First Hospital Xinxiang Medical College,Weihui ,Henan 453100

CT Diagnosis of Adrenal Incidentaloma

【Full text】Minwen Zheng,Yi Huan,Yali Ge,Sujin Guo,Jinsong Zhang
Department of Radiology,Xijing Hospital,Fourth Military Medical University,Xi’an 710032,China

Clinical Study of MRI Diagnosing Technique of Breast Lesions

【Full text】Xuepeng Zhang1,Zemin Sun2,Wenjie Zhang1
1 Department of Oncology,Affiliated Hospital,North CHINA Coal Mining Medical College,Tangshan,063000,China
2 Department of MR,Tanshan Worker’s Hospital,Tangshan,063000,China

The New Technique Used in the Modified Radical Surgery of Breast Cancer

【Full text】Zhiyong Yu,Peimin Wang,Yanbing Liu,Peiying Zhuo,Zhengbo Zhou,Lei Wang,Jingying Zhu,Taihuang Wu
Breast Disease Center of Shandong Tumor Hospital,Jinan 250117,China


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