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Contents: Sept. 1 2004, Volume 3, Issue 3 Other Issues:


Inhibition Effects of C-erbB-2 and C-raf-1 ASODN Combined Transfection on Human Ovarian Carcinoma Transplanted Subcutaneously in Nude Mice
[Full TexT] Yongzhong Wu, Qinglan Ren, Sufen Yang, Xiaopin Chen, Shaolin Li
The First Affiliated Hospital,Chongqing Medical University,Chongqing 400016,China

Analysis of the Subtractive Fragment of Human Rectal Adenocarcinoma cDNA by Means of Bioinformatics

[Full Text] Ying Kong,Yao Chen
Department of Anatomy,Biomedical and legal medical Institute,West China Medical Center of Sichuan University Chengdu,Sichuan 610041,China

Effect of Sodium on Cell Differentiation and Neurofilament Expression in Neuroblastoma

[Full Text] Zhiqiang Li,Pucha Jiang,Xianhou Yuan
Department of Neurosurgery,Zhongnan hospital of Wuhan university, Wuhan 430071,China

Impact of IFN-α on the Growth of Human Cervical Cancer Transplanted Subcutaneously in Nude Mice

[Full Text] Meiqin Zhang╣, Ming Yao▓
1Department of Gynecologic Oncology,Cancer Hospital,Fudan university,Shanghai,200032,China
2 Section of Experimental Animal,Cancer Research Institute of Shanghai,Shanghai,200032,China

Sentinel Lymph Node Detection by Dye Method in Patients With Cervical Cancer

[Full Text] Huaying Wang, Jianmin Sun, Jie Tang
Department of Gynecology,Cancer Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai 200032

Determinations of Cell Phenotypes CD49b,CD49d of Periph-eral Blood Lymphocytes in Patients With Colorectal Cancer

[Full Text] Teng Chen,Ronghua Zhao, Jinghua Shi, Li Li
Department of General Surgery, Changzheng Hospital, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai 200003

Ursolic Acid Enhances Apoptosis in K502 Cells

[Full Text] Tao Deng1, Luokun Xie2, Huimin Chen2, Zhifang Hu2, Qiuping Zhang
1 Department of Digestion,Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University,Wuhan,Hubei 430060,China
2 Department of lmmunology,Medical School of Wuhan University,Wuhan,Hubei 430071,China

Expression of E-cadherin Protein in Transitional Cell Cancer of Bladder and Its Significance

[Full Text] Xinlu Pang1, Tao Shi1, Ziming Wang2,Tie Chong2, Baoshan Su3, Wujun Xue1
1 Department of Kidney Transplantation of First Hospital, Xiˊan Jiaotong University, Xiˊan 710061, China
2 Department of Urology and 3 Department of Pathology of Second Hospital, xiˊan 710004, China

Preliminnary Study of the Conformal Eadiation Therapy in Porstate Carcinoma

[Full Text] Yunhai Li1, Ziqiang Pan2, Jiayi Chen2, Yan Feng2
1 Department of Radiation Oncology, Cancer Hospital,Fudan,university, Shanghai, 5th Republic Hospital, Fudan university, Shanghai 200240,China
2 Department of Radiation Oncology, Cancer Hospiatl, Fudan university, Shanghai 200032, China

Relationship Between Expression of P-glycoprotein and Cell Proliferation of Esophageal Carcinoma

[Full Text] Shenhua Xu,Yutian Ling, Chihong Zhu, Xingming Zhou, Xianglin Liu
Zhejiang Cancer Hospital,Hangzhou, 310022, China

Clinical Study of Radioimmunotherapy of Tumor With Multiple Low-doser 188Re-CL58 and High Dose ╣│╣I-chTNT
[Full Text] Yong Ding╣, Jiahe Tian1, Wuwei Yang▓, Zhi Yang│ Faliang Xu▓, Shuwen Zhang╣,Yinmao Chen╣,Zhiwei Guan╣
1 Department of Nucl. Medicine,The General Hospital of PLA, Beijing, 100853
2 The Miliadtary Medrcal Academy 307 hospital,Beijing,100850
3 Oncology Hospital of Beijing University,100036

Correlation Between Non-saml Cell Lung Cancer Lymph Node Metastasis and E-CD Mran Expression

[Full Text] Guoqiao Zhang╣,Zhixin Wang▓
The cancer center of XinQiao Hospital,The Third Military Medical University, ChongQing 400037,China

Significance of Serum Laminin and Type IV Collagen Content Change between Liver Benign Lesions and Malignant Tumor
[Full Text] Yuanjie Sun,Li Yang,Zhizhong Liu,Tao Xu, Buqun yan,Ying Zhang
Department of Gastroenterology,First Automobil Worekarˊs hospital,Changchun,Jilin,130011,China

Clinical Significance of Urinary Hydroxyproline in Bone Metastases

[Full Text] Daojun Liu,Jinming Hua
Depsartment of Orthopaedics,Xiaoshan people┤s Hospital of Hangzhou City, Hangzhou 311200,China

Clinical Observation of Treatment With Ar-He Targeted Cryoablation in Liver Tumor

[Full Text] Huazhi Song, Fengtao Yi, Ying Liu,Guoqing Yao
Centre of Ar-He knife,Wuhan General Hospital,Guang Zhou Military ared of PLA, Wuhan 430070

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